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The Top 10 Essential Items for String Players & Teachers

The Top 10 Essential Items for String Players & Teachers

There are many products that we see every performer, teacher, student and parent buy when they enter our store. To help you out, we have devised our list of “Essential Items” for each category of customer.

For the student:
- Simply for Strings cleaning cloth: It’s amazing how many cleaning problems can be solved by wiping down your instrument after use.
- Rosin: Whether it’s a basic Hidersine Junior Rosin or a Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin, there are many students who are amazed by the difference a little bit of rosin can make on their bow.
- Spare set of strings: You never know when that E string is going to snap and it’s very likely that it will happen at the most inconvenient time. It’s always handy to keep that extra set of strings in your case to ensure you’re ready for every performance (without Mum and Dad making a mad dash to our shop!).
- Music stand: Many posture problems are caused by students practising without a music stand.

For the teacher:
- Hills Peg Paste: A little tube of this ‘miracle fix’ will save time when tuning instruments. We have all had to deal with those pegs that just won’t budge! A little peg paste goes a long way. This tube will last for years.
- Viol Polish: This polish will make even the dullest of instruments sparkle with renewed promise. Once again, a little bit will go a long way.
- Stickers/Badges/Pencils: A reward system is a great way to encourage students to learn those tricky etudes and practise those dominant and diminished 7ths. Make sure you come in and browse our range of badges, pencils and other musical accessories.
- Endpin stops: These can be as hard to find as that one lone sock that disappears after a load of washing. It’s always handy to keep a few spare endpin stops in your teaching kit for all those concert emergencies with slippery floors.

For the parent:
- Spare (hidden) rosin: When your child first starts tuition, it is almost inevitable that their rosin will either smash or melt in the first few weeks. It’s very useful to buy two rosins and keep one in a safe, cool place ready for the inevitable!
- A positive and supportive attitude: Your child’s teacher will have, at minimum, only 30 minutes contact time a week with your child. For the rest of the week, all practice time will be in your hands. Always ask your child to perform for you. Taking an interest in their practice time shows them how important you consider it to be. Remember, if you are unsure about what your child needs to practise, talk to their teacher.

What is your “Essential Item”?

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